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****The story of life****- Fast Part

Oh it’s too late to do a rickshaw. In the late afternoon, the bust stands in front of the bus. Oops if there was a bus. Suddenly he noticed a very nice boy standing beside him waiting for the bus. What a strange thing for the boy to do when …

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For a red rose

If I can bring red roses, then the girl will dance with me; But there is not a single rose in the garden. Home of bubbles on home oak trees; She was shocked. He saw that the boy was saying that I had a rose in the garden filled with …

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A true love story

It’s evening. There is no cloud in the sky The blue sky is floating from the edge of the sky and up to the edge of the white cloud, only the blue is covered in blue. Throughout the day, the tired lamp shone in the western sky like a sleeping …

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For a blood rose

I don’t know if any of you are seeing a giant angel. But you have seen fairy pictures on the pages of the book and heard the story of grandma’s grandma. It is strange to think that the birds look like us, but on their backs there are wonderful two …

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