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****The story of life****- Fast Part

Oh it’s too late to do a rickshaw. In the late afternoon, the bust stands in front of the bus. Oops if there was a bus. Suddenly he noticed a very nice boy standing beside him waiting for the bus. What a strange thing for the boy to do when …

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The story of the beginning of story

Shahriar, the king of Iran. He loves people very much. Like a big heart, so is his glory. The state has absolute peace under the king’s good governance. But one incident suddenly caused the King Shahriar to be confused. His heart broke and his piece broke. He has received the …

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A deep love story of trees and rivers

Long ago, there was a river and a tree. The knot was on the side of the river, from that there was a long friendship between the river and the tree. They tell a lot of stories every day all of a sudden, telling a river to a friend, I …

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